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NshoNam is a name combining the Ga and Twi languages – ‘Nsho’ from the Ga for sea and ‘Nam’ from the Twi for fish / protein.

What We Do

NshoNam is a technology-enabled marketing solution for fresh seafood designed in partnership with the artisanal fishing communities of West Africa.

We combine co-designed technology to aggregate the offtake of fishing catches with low-cost, digitally-driven, cold-chain logistics. Our model seeks to promote a relationship with the sea that provides sustainable livelihoods for artisanal fisher folk while protecting marine resources for the long-term.

What We Do

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Our Model



Deployment of simple, co-designed technology to organise and aggregate offtake of fish caught by artisanal communities

We make life easier for fisher folk with guaranteed offtake for large quantities. We offer immediate payment and collect fast. No more time lost selling catch after a long trip at sea and no stress waiting for buyers to sell catch before fisher folk get paid themselves.


Transport and storage of fresh produce in our low-cost cold-chain network

Our cold-chain network keeps seafood chilled and fresh bringing the ocean’s bounty from the beaches to our clients. This reduces wasted catch and ensures best-in-class food safety for our clients.



Marketing produce to wider markets

- physically and digitally

By replacing chains of middlemen with a solution from the beaches direct to consumers we offer lower end prices to our clients while offering the highest quality of produce.



We will never source

  • Directly or indirectly, from unlicensed foreign trawlers or other fishing groups practicing unsustainable fishing techniques depleting regional fish stocks.

  • From importers bringing fish to the region from overseas. We believe in backing domestic industry and enjoying the fruits of our own waters.

We are committed to

  • Promoting sustainable fishing techniques in partner communities.

  • Supporting gender equality and ensuring all children have the opportunity for a happy childhood.

  • Recruiting from within artisanal fishing communities wherever possible.

Sustainable incomes go hand-in-hand with healthy oceans. At NshoNam we believe that sustainable livelihoods for fishing communities can only be achieved with a sustainable attitude towards the ocean itself.


Meeting UN Sustainable

Development Goals

#1 No Proverty

Artisanal fishing communities are amongst the poorest groups in West Africa. NshoNam provides greater certainty of income and better prices to fisher folk while drastically reducing the time they need to spend marketing their produce.

#2 Zero Hunger

NshoNam addresses cold chain deficits in the West African region at the micro-level, within communities. This significantly reduces waste and allows us to make fresh fish available to harder-to-serve communities at affordable prices.

#14 Life Below Water

NshoNam works solely with fisher folk using sustainable fishing techniques and engages actively with local authorities to promote such techniques in fishing communities.

Our Partners

Our Partners


Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development


Impact Hub Ghana

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Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development in Ghana


European Union



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